Deacon Gay Romack is the spiritual leader of these ministries. Each ministry provides unique opportunities to serve.

Prison Ministry: This program is designed to teach participating inmates transformative behavior in body, mind and spirit with a combination of cognitive learning and the spiritual healing power of knowing God's love.

Sessions take place inside Perryville at Santa Rosa and/or Santa Cruz every other week. There may be an occassional need for an additional gate pass for a specific teacher, but the majority of sessions will be facilitated by St. Peter's Ministry Team Volunteers who are badged. The sessions will be conducted in a small group format with up to 12 participants at the same time as worship services, but in a separate room or location. Each session is 1 ½ hours in length.

Contact Jack & Carol Churchill (jandc3@cox.net) to volunteer for the Prison Ministry Team.


Reentry Ministry: Members of the Reentry Ministry team coordinate with the Prison Ministry Team to facilitate a seamless transition from prison to free society. There is need to…

Coordinate flow. A coordination team is needed to…

  • Train volunteers.
  • Maintain a dlist of volunteers who will greet women as they are released insuring contact numbers are current and preferred methods of contact.
  • Learn when a woman is being released and verify that designated volunteers will be waiting to greet her. Contact the Department of Corrections the day before to verify details of release.
  • Insure that the Thrift Store will be open as needed.
  • Insure a current data base with addresses of places released women need to go to legally comply with the conditions of their release and to obtain essential goods and services.
  • Other duties as identified.

Greet and transport released women. Five teams of two persons each are needed. When it is learned a woman is to be released each Greeting Team needs to…

  • Drive a safe and reliable vehicle to Perryville to greet the woman.
    • Monday Team Faith _________________________ _________________________

      Tuesday Team Hope _________________________ _________________________

      Wednesday Team Charity ____________________ _________________________

      Thursday Team Love ________________________ _________________________

      Friday Team Service _________________________ _________________________

  • Provide each woman with her gift packet.
  • Transport her to the St. Peter's Thrift Store, her Parole Office and Department of Corrections Approved place of Residence.
  • Identify if additional transportation is needed and provide as appropriate.
  • Communicate with the Coordinating team as needed.

Prepare gift packets. One or more persons are needed to...

  • Solicit gift packet donations. Full adult sized products are best.
  • Shop for personal fitted items.
  • Store and inventory gift packet items.
  • Prepare gift packets.
  • Provide gift packets to transportation teams as needed.
  • Communicate with the Coordinating team as needed.

Raise funds. One or more persons are needed to...

  • Develop a campaign to raise funds to purchase shoes, underwear, personal supplies, gas, bus passes and release day lunches.
  • Conduct fund raising campaigns.
  • Communicate with the Coordinating team as needed.

Mentor. Newly released women have been deprived of almost all communication with the free world for long periods of time. Mentors provide Tipsheets and help newly released women use them.

  • Career Exploration and Training: Discover Your Interests, Skills and Career Training Choices.
  • Education: Planning now for your educational needs.
  • Employment: Planning to get a job.
  • Family Reunification: Preparing to return to your children.
  • Financial Literacy: 1) Planning for Financial independence. 2) Basic Monthly budget planning, 3) Glossary of Commonly used Terms.
  • Finding housing: Finding a safe and stable place to live.
  • Identification and Personal Records: Planning now to obtain critical documents and ID.
  • Mentoring: Finding a coach to help you win at life.
  • Physical health: Leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Self Empowerment and Self Esteem: Becoming the woman you want to be.
  • Transportation: Getting around town.
  • Mental Health: Maintaining mental and emotional health.
  • Communicate with the Coordinating team as needed.

Contact abdefgh hijklmn (coord@yahoo.com) to volunteer for the Prison Ministry or Reentry Ministry Team.

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