Release Day Procedures

Arrive at Perryville by 09:00-09:15 AM. Releases take place between 09:00 and 11:00 AM and there is no set time on any given day.

  1. Exit at I 10 @ Sarival/Cotton Lane.
  2. Turn right, go to the stop light (McDowell) and turn left.
  3. Follow Citrus Lane: turn right at 1st entrance into the complex and go to building directly ahead (administration).
  4. You may go inside (or an officer might meet you outside); Tell the officer who you are there to pick up then
  5. Return to your vehicle and proceed back toward the entrance.

Park in one of the "For Inmate Release" spaces. Wait in your car until the released woman is transported to you in a van.

Basic necessities. We provide a gift bag that includes new panties, socks, sneakers/flipflops, hygiene items, a wallet with a weekly bus pass inside, and a new bath towel. Released inmates typically have nothing but the clothes they are wearing and a very little money so we open St. Peter's Thrift Shop where she can choose appropriate ensembles.

If she is on parole, a visit to her parole office is a must! Wait in your car while she is inside: This can take two hours or more. The sooner you get there the better the chance of her getting in before lunch breaks.

Mesa Regional Parole Office 460 North Mesa Drive #211 Mesa, AZ 85210
Western Regional Parole Offices 801 S. 16th Street, Suite 1 Phoenix
Legacy Program 4635 S. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85040

Money owed her: She will have a debit card for whatever funds she earned while in prison. She must keep at least $1 on that card at all times; if the Department of Corrections owes her money those funds will be deposited into her debit account. If there is a zero balance the Department of Corrections cannot make the deposit and she will lose the money owed her. If she needs cash take her to Bank of America so she will not be charged additional fees.

Lunch where ever you want to go.

Place of residence. Next stop is to her halfway house/release address. Women must be out of the halfway house for the entire day either looking for work or working. This allows them time to obtain their state ID, Social Security Card, apply for food stamps and obtain an Obama phone.

Need directory of approved halfway houses

Emergency food. St. Mary's Food Bank, 3131 West Thomas Road, Phoenix is a good option for emergency food. She will need her state ID (DOC or other), plus the documents issues showing her release address, to apply. St. Mary's will provide a listing of which food banks are available.

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