Our goal is to help each woman successfully transition to free society. Failure to follow the technical rules of release is why almost 30% of all released inmates are returned to prison.

Statutes governing incarceration
Community Corrections (Includes Parole Office Locations)

Prison Ministry deacons and assistants provide pastoral services to incarcerated women. Women near release are offered an opportunity to apply for reentry assistance. In general it is illegal for released inmates to continue relationships nurtured in prison.

A seamless, legal handoff is essential.

Reentry Ministry volunteers…

  1. Greet released inmates as they exit prison.
  2. Provide each woman with basic necessities like food, hygiene products and St. Peter's Episcopal Church opens its thrift store doors so each woman can choose appropriate ensembles.
  3. Transport each woman to her Parole Office and Approved Residence.
  4. May help women who need additional help to obtain State of Arizona Identification and connect with mentors as needed to obtain employment and establish a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand there are things to not say or do.

  • Do not give a released inmate your home address or phone number.
  • Do not give released inmates money. We gift whatever is needed within reason but "when money is the only thing that will solve a problem money may not be the problem". (Rev. Gene Lefebvre)
  • Do not drop off a released inmate anywhere except her Department of Corrections authorized residence.
  • Do not provide a released inmate with personal information such as your place of employment, home address, family situation or financial information.

This ministry can be a very positive experience for both volunteers and the released woman. Make release a fun day and keep assuring her that a new life awaits.

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