Many members of the St Peter's Congregation have extensive human resources experience, social services experience, educational experience and wisdom to share. Each Reentry participant will have been exposed to Reentry Tipsheets for Women during participation in the Prison Ministry program.

Tipsheets will be available at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Tipsheets are NOT intended to be simply handed to women. Tipsheets are most helpful when paired with specific on-the-ground resources and support of a knowledgeable and supportive mentor. The twelve Tipsheets include…

  • Career Exploration and Training: Discover Your Interests, Skills and Career Training Choices.
  • Education: Planning now for your educational needs.
  • Employment: Planning to get a job.
  • Family Reunification: Preparing to return to your children.
  • Financial Literacy: 1) Planning for Financial independence. 2) Basic Monthly budget planning, 3) Glossary of Commonly used Terms.
  • Finding housing: Finding a safe and stable place to live.
  • Identification and Personal Records: Planning now to obtain critical documents and ID.
  • Mentoring: Finding a coach to help you win at life.
  • Physical health: Leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Self Empowerment and Self Esteem: Becoming the woman you want to be.
  • Transportation: Getting around town.
  • Mental Health: Maintaining mental and emotional health.

Women who have successfully transitioned from prison to free society maintain The Perryville Banditas Facebook site.

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