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June 2020 How Trump Wins
May 2020
Living Through a Pandemic.
April 2020
Col. Ed White and the Wild Weasles
March 2020 Emmanuel Ike in Africa
February 2020
Constitutional Crisis
November 2019
Facebook, done right, could be a unifier. Twitter DESTROYS
December 2018
Autocracy-Liberalism-Purity Culture
October 2018
How both political parties evolved
September 2018
This is NOT Normal (President Obama)
August 2018 How politics works in America
April 2018
Why Republicans Hate Public Education (Laurie Roberts)
March 2018
JD to West Point
March 2018
Gun Culture Insanity
October 2017
The Nightmare Scenario of Cyber-Warfare
September 2017 How Donald Trump Won
August 2017
JD is an Eagle
March 2016 Why do Muslims want to attack us here?
February 2016 The Need for a True Two-party system
January 2016 Probably a Republican Year
November 2015 23rd Psalm
October 2015 Best of times
July 2015 Politics and religion: 2045
June 2015 Our existential journey
May 2015 Sine Die
April 2015 Primary elections are important
February 2015 It's all about priorities
December 2014 Phil Meadows
November 2014 Ban dark money
June 2014 Marriage, mastery and pursuit of Greater Purpose
February 2011 Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine
December 2010 American Exceptionalism
April 2010 Estrella Phi Theta Kappa wins big
November 2011 Veteran's Day Legacy
Distinguished Speaker Award: The Community College Movement