_John L. Bradley

John is just a farm boy from Illinois who got lucky. Raised on a farm, he earned a BS in Agriculture from the University of Illinois, an MSEd in Technical and Industrial Education and PhD from Southern Illinois University. He moved to Arizona in 1978 to help migrate allied health and nursing programs from hospitals to community colleges and to help students transfer from high school to college to a university without duplication of time or effort.

Efforts at this time resulted in passage of dual enrollment laws that make it possible for advanced high school students to graduate with much of their first year of a college degree completed. As a result John was recognized for having made an Outstanding Contribution to the Arizona Vocational Association, named Deer Valley Kiwanian of the Year, awarded Honorary Life Membership in Health Occupations of Arizona and named Vocational Educator of the Year.

In 1984 the Maricopa Community Colleges hired John to help implement dual enrollment and to work on what was then called seamless transfer from high school to completion of a university degree. Professionally active he was recognized for having helped found the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, was presented the Vice-Chancellor's Four Star Award for Contribution to the Seamless Web Project, recognized for his Contribution to the Arizona Council of Occupational and Vocational Administrators and named 1991 Distinguished Speaker, Maricopa Community College District.

It was on a late night flight home from San Antonio that John realized he was not helping people rise to be among the stars, or keep lights on in their homes on the ground: That he had become an empty suit suspended in the middle. John moved onto the Estrella Community College campus August 2, 1992 and has been there ever since.

John created and deployed an interactive on-line career development program and uses business content to teach attainment of true happiness. All mediated lectures and course content have been on-line since 1995. In addition to being a teacher John helped Estrella Mountain Community College earn the United Way Gold Award and is an Honorary Member of Phi Theta Kappa. He "Makes dreams come true."

John has experience working with middle-school to college-age youth and is a supporter of Slam poetry. He was recognized for twelve years of Distinguished Leadership as a Scoutmaster and Youth Leader by Church of Beatitudes. A more complete List is attached for the curious.






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