Economic War

How Ukraine is unfolding leaves me less worried about war with China over Taiwan.

My wife and I have had eleven Chinese professors "home-stay" with us over the Years. They were as patriotic about China as we are about America but wanted their children to earn American college degrees as they saw ours as a better way to live.

Chinese citizens endure repression and autocracy because that is the price of upward economic mobility. All those we met experienced the horror of The Cultural Revolution and are fearful of civil war for good reasons. Economic War would almost certainly lead to civil war.

Which is why Xi Jinping is upset by Australia, England, Japan and other nations joining Joe Biden's Asian-Pacific alliance. China and Russia can militarily invade and conquer any isolated nearby nation but winning an Economic War would be much harder.

Xi Jinping appears sane so it is unlikely China will risk losing everything gained since The Cultural Revolution. Putin's sanity is something else.