Hopeful & Thankful

January 6, 2021 the Capital of this nation was invaded and trashed by Domestic Terrorists incited by and acting out the fantasies of Donald J. Trump, President of The United States of America. Five persons were killed before the insurrection was contained.

I am hopeful rejection of Trump's attempt to take over the capital, and illegally seize power of the presidency, woke enough politicians and voting citizenry to the danger Donald Trump poses to our way of life. I am hopeful that he, members of his family and members of congress who enabled his criminality will face consequences for what they did.

I am thankful President-Elect Biden will have a majority in both Congressional houses for at least the next two years. Our challenges are immense.

The pandemic will likely kill as many people in six months as died during the four years of World War II. The pandemic has caused an economic recession that may lead to civil unrest.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation now considers Domestic Terrorist's to be this nation's greatest threat.

Foreign actors who have demonstrated their ability to infiltrate this nation's Internet grid, spread false narrative that inflame violence but even worse turn off the nation's electrical grid which would create chaos as people were unable to obtain food and water or fuel for their vehicles that would make it possible to flee to places of safety.

We are in desperate need of leadership. President Biden has surrounded himself by a team of competent managers and advisors. I am hopeful Republicans will help save this nation from insurrectionists who are trying to replace demoncracy with corrupt authoritarianism.

I am thankful Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and third in line for leadership of this nation, is a wise experienced woman who knows how government works. I am thankful Vice President Kamala Harris will be in a position to bring critical issues to debate in the Senate.

I am hopeful President Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi will be able to take charge and that Democrats won't revert to fighting among themselves thereby making our newly elected leaders unable to govern.