Leading the Free

For Americans, freedom means the ability to go about one's business free of government "meddling." We see this in its most extreme form in anti-mask protests, whereby rugged individualists portray themselves as the victims of government tyranny because of regulations implemented to control Covid-19.

To live free people need food, water, clothing, and shelter for their families and themselves. To purchase this they need income which for most means a job that pays wages. Covid-19 slammed the brakes on our economic system and there are very few jobs because President Trump failed to lead us out of this pandemic.

Competent leaders recognized defeating Covid-19 required major state-led individual sacrifice. They asked and encouraged all citizens to put their lives on hold and accept drastic governmental curtailment of individual freedoms. Germans, New Zealanders, Italians and citizens of several other nations contained Covid-19 and thus saved their economies. Persons living in nations with leaders, who role-modeled, led and encouraged collective temporary individual and economic sacrifice, now have their previous lives back. We do not.

Most Americans listened to and followed public health experts and local and state leaders they trusted and also did the right thing. Unfortunately a few followed the leadership of President Trump, and his sycophants like Arizona's Governor Ducey who followed his example and pronouncements, and ignored the power of Covid-19.

Our sacrifice was squandered

More Americans have died from Covid-19 than died in all wars since World War II, the economy is in even worse shape than during the Great Depression and disease-ridden Americans are shunned around the world. Can we actually return to experiencing anything like the freedom America supposedly stands for.

There will be an election in November.
Hopefully a majority of Americans will once again elect leaders with the wisdom to recognize reality and ability to unite and lead us out of this failure of leadership caused disaster.