Constitutional Crisis

We have a constitutional crisis.

Our Founding Fathers created tripartite checks and balances to save us from the edicts of The Mad King George and his complicit Parliament.

Having lived the nightmare, and most having lost everything, our Founding Fathers knew the danger.

Chief Justice Roberts could have bravely asserted the authority of the Judicial Branch to learn the truth by refusing to end the "Impeachment Trial" until House Managers called, examined and cross-examined the multiple first-hand witnesses the Executive Branch refused to allow to testify. Instead he chose to become the Chief Executive's "Useful Idiot".

Acting in one's best interest is not always a corrupt act BUT a Chief Executive who can unilaterally do anything he or she believes to be in the national interest, without oversight of Legislative and Judicial Branch checks and balances, has nothing to prevent him from becoming a despotic modern day Mad King.

Many members of the current Congressional and Judicial branches of our government apparently lack the ability and will to resolve our Constitutional crisis.

May God help us preserve our Republic as many of those in charge now seem too ignorant of history, or possibly too self-serving or cowardly, to do what needs to be done.