March 2018

My son’s twin girls just started kindergarten. According to him…
“If you want to be heartbroken: Listen to a kindergartner explain what she’s been taught in her drill about what to do if a 'scary intruder' is in her school.”

Buy a shotgun if you need protection. Big intimidating and deadly at close range and birdshot won’t go through the wall and kill an innocent bystander in the next room or two houses down.

“A well-regulated militia” stores its military-grade weapons in a local armory where military trained officers keep them available for use by sane well trained citizens who are qualified to use them to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. That’s what our forefathers intended.

Insanity is voting for politicians who insist it is the unrestrained right of untrained civilians to have military-grade weapons on themselves or in their homes thereby making it easier for the few crazies among us to easily murder our children or us.