True Two-Party System

The Republican Party has traditionally represented the top 5% whose income is $250,000 or more per year. Knowing it takes 51% of the electorate to win it invited in angry one issue voters as a way to swell membership rolls.

Donald Trump is their messiah who bullies governmental officials and traditional Republican leaders with impunity, exactly what angry one-issue losers would like to do but can't.

I don't enjoy watching the Republican Party disintegrate. We need a two party system.

We need politicians who take care of the middle-class, the disadvantaged and who welcome immigrants, kind of what Democrats used to be known for. We need politicians who understand economics and support fiscally responsible policies which are what traditional Republicans were known for. We need both.

Unfortunately the Republican Party gave up it's economic justice role decades ago. Since 1960 America almost always fared economically worse when the president was a Republican than when the president was a Democrat probably because Republican policies tend to favor the few super wealthy instaed of the many in the middle class.

While the overall United States economy is doing extremely well, and Democratic Party policies have brought more people into mainstream America than ever before, these facts mean nothing to persons who've been left behind. The Republican Party is disintegrating because establishment Republicans are now vastly outnumbered by recruits who've not benefitted from policies that mostly benefit the top 5%.

Donald Trump's inflammation of angry disillusioned Americans is no longer a bad joke. The dark side is like the shingles virus; always lurking in the shadows just waiting for an opportunity to breakout into deadly disease.

Humiliated angry people do self-destructive things. Hitler was elected during an epochal economic freefall by an electorate who having not personally had their homeland ravaged by war didn't believe they'd been defeated on the battlefield but had instead been betrayed by political leaders and Jewish financiers; an electorate that was being humiliated by punitive French and English demands.

This isn't post WWI Germany, the general economy is doing well and I don't believe there are enough angry losers in the electorate to win a general election.

I don't think traditional Republicans will let Donald Trump become their nominee for the Office of President. At least I hope not since we need a viable two-party political system.