Stacking the Supreme Court

It is important we believe The Supreme Court of the United States will administer justice in a fair unbiased way. We are social beings raised within pervasive cultures. Enforcement of a dogma or doctrine that provides enforcers the intellectual comfort and moral certainty that justifies dehumanization and harming of persons who do not conform to their specific religious belief is a flaw judges must continuously guard against.

The Supreme Court is "stacked" with Heritage Foundation endorsed Catholics. The current closed door nomination process eliminates the vast majority of qualified jurists from consideration.

Chief Justice Robert's decisions appear to indicate awareness of legacy. It appears he doesn't want to be remembered as the 21st Century equivalent of Chief Justice Hughes who impeded implementation of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal in ways that stalled recovery from The Great Depression until World War II. Justice Roberts appears to be making decisions designed to reduce suffering. The problem is current Justices tend to conform to the doctrine and dogma of the party that nominated them. Chief Justice Roberts will soon be outnumbered.

Mitch McConnell compounded the problem by stalling Federal Judge Appointments for years then stacking Federal courts with "far right Republican" judges. Fair or not Amy Coney Barrett is the poster child of this movement.

Nine is not a magical number. The population of this nation has grown ten-fold since 1869 when the number nine was chosen. To be considered legitimate court of last resort The Supreme Court of the United States needs to be staffed with qualified jurists who represent the diverse population and views of citizens who now inhabit this nation. Fifteen might be a better number of judges IF chosen in an open democratic way.

God help us if The Supreme Court of the United States devolves into being the "enforcer branch" of the Republican Party.