Arizonans elected two senators who I trust to vote for what's best for the nation instead of a straight party line. Passage of two less than perfect citizen initiatives surely woke Arizona legislators to the need to address citizen needs in a bipartisan way. Maricopa County citizens soundly rejected Arpaioism and all that represents.

The President of The United States of America will soon be an empathetic healer of good character. An honest competent man who a decade ago used his knowledge of how government works to keep the Great Recession from becoming the second Great Depression as he led establishment of the longest economic recovery in history. A man who knows how to unite citizens and engage government as needed to control and recover from the current pandemic caused economic crisis.

Instead of electing a blue wave, that could have encouraged continued unfettered partisanship, a majority of us across the nation elected an equally divided congress wherein the majority can return to "Normal Order", solve our problems and return The United States of America to its place as "the light of the world".

Most of all we placed an accomplished woman in the Whitehouse.