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Retired. After twenty-two years at Estrella
Mountain Community College, six at the
Maricopa Community Colleges' District
Office, six at Northern Arizona University
prefaced by short stints at The University
of Illinois and University of North
Carolina it's time to start a new life.

So much to do; so little time.

I've had it easy compared to many Americans and almost everyone anywhere else. Sixth of seven
children born to a family the Great Depression who were deprived of everything but a sense of
right and wrong and family pride I had the best of parents.

I was raised on a farm free to do unsupervised important work that contributed to family success.
I was also born healthy and have a close to obsessive-compulsive work ethic but those aren't the
major reasons I've had a good life. Marrying Marylyn Patton, and staying married to her for close
to fifty years, put me on third-base.

No place is perfect but being a professional employed by The Maricopa Community Colleges was
a lot like being raised by indulgent parents on our farm. When I first came to Estrella a colleague
named Steve Shriver facilitated the consensus belief that "We build better communities one life at
a time because your success is our success."
I drank the Kool Aid and seized the freedom to "Make
dreams come true."

I pioneered development and deployment of high quality Internet-enhanced courses and wrote and
provided students with printed, bound continuously improved desk-references at no cost to students.

Career choice mistakes cost money. Students taught by me were also supported by an interactive
on-line career development program that makes it easier to make logical career choices.

Most of all partnerships now make it possible for Southwest Valley parents to send gifted 10th
grade children to Estrella to complete high school; and for they themselves to complete an associate
degree at Estrella followed by Northern Arizona University baccalaureate and master's degrees;
without leaving their Southwest Valley homes. Furthermore, the Northern Arizona University
degrees offered at Estrella help community members' advance in the very jobs most Southwest
Valley residents hold.

Marylyn was named Estrella Mountain Community College 2014 Woman of the Year
and the Maricopa Foundation established a $1000/year scholarship in my name.

We've been incredibly lucky. Married right and employed by the best higher education system in
America. It doesn't get better than this.