Personal Origin Myths
Before the early memory mist are stories of my origin told to me by sisters and brothers.
I personally can't say which of their stories relate facts and which relate myths.
But I am here writing this all down for posterity and that's strong
circumstantial evidence I was born.

Sister Alice tells the birth story I like best. According to Alice I was born in Esther and Howard's downstairs bedroom at about 11 a.m. Saturday morning March 15, 1941 while she and her siblings were all banished to the North porch. Alice says that when she said "I just heard a baby cry." She was told to be quiet, that she was just imagining things.

Mother and Me


Furthermore I can personally attest to having grown up in a farm house surrounded by two brothers and four sisters and I can remember hearing Esther and Howard Bradley refer to me as "son."

Of course Alice had the last laugh a few minutes later when Dad opened the door and said...

"You have a new brother and we're going to call him John after your Grandfather John Taylor and Leonard after my Father, Leonard Bradley."

Mom once told me my birth caused her to miss Grandpa and Grandma Bradley's Golden Wedding Anniversary and that was about the same time so there may some truth to this rendition of my entree to the Bradley Clan.